Speech Therapy Club And Intervention For Learning Disabilities

At STCICLD we strive for restoring the lives. Our vision is to: build the world’s most respected diversified base Rehabilitation and Education Company. As long-term outlook, our pride in education, rehabilitation, providing sustainable solutions to restore lives. empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practice the core values the school: respect tolerance & inclusion, and excellence.

About Us

STCICLD - Best Speech Therapist in Islamabad - Rawalpindi

Therapeutical Interventions

Occupational Therapy

Our speech therapists make assessment and do intervention for recovering and developing an urge in them to do meaningful activities.

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Our early intervention program to develop speech and language skills in the kids is proven because of our unique auditory verbal approach. The approach emphasizes on using effective auditory verbal approach to treat kids.

Play Therapy

In most of the cases of passive children, play therapy is a fun way for developing skills to enable them to express their feelings and get over shyness and passiveness.

Behaviour Therapy

STCICLD believes in personalized attention to kids with disabilities or behavioral issues such as Autism, Disruptive behavior disorder and learning disabilities to name a few.

Speech & Language Therapy

We have developed Individual educational plans to promote one on one education to make the process result oriented. Through our speech and language therapy exercises we treat Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Language Disorder, Disruptive behavior in kids.


STCICLD offers individualized education program developed for every single kid in need of a special education. Our top-notch speech therapists review the process periodically to decide the roadmap.

Home Patient Care

Our mission at STCICLD Home Health Services 24/7 is to deliver care with compassion.We bring world class medical care into our patient's home and aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible, but also more affordable and accountable to our patients needs.

Home Services

Services will be delivered by qualified and trained staff, in the supervision of our home healthcare managerOur mission at STCICLD Home Health Services 24/7 is to deliver care with compassion. We bring world class medical care into our patient's home and aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible.


Speech Therapy

Treatment and assessment of issues related to speech and communication disorders. This assessment is carried out by the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) also called a speech therapist. Speech therapy is a kind of technique that is used to enhance communication including language intervention activities, Fluency disorder, Resonance disorder, Receptive disorder, Expressive disorders, Cognitive-communication disorder, Aphasia, Dysarthria and Articulation therapy. Speech therapies are needed to treat speech impairments in children or adults. Speech impairment could be caused in children due to some natural defect or in adults due to some disease or accident/injury. Speech therapy could treat a range of speech disorders and it is always better for early detection and treatment to mitigate long-term side effects.


Benefits of Getting Speech Therapy Services

There are countless benefits of getting speech therapy services from STCICLD. There are several long terms and short benefits of getting speech therapy including social skills, enhanced communication skills, a chance to restore normal life, enhanced cognitive development, improvement in fluency, increased capability and speed in language learning, better ability to express feelings or emotions, better at studies, improved class participation in schools, greater confidence, a better quality of life, restoring self-esteem, and improvement in the control of speech muscles. Doctors recommend speech therapy keeping in view the nature and severity of the speech issues along with the age group.

Speech therapy is needed to treat speech impairment. It may happen in children naturally and in adults due to some injury such as strokes. Its need is crucial to enhance the communication skills while treating disorders or delays in cognitive skills, Swallowing, Feeding, Fluency, Social language, Apraxia of speech, Oral motor dysfunction, Articulation, and Expressive or Receptive Language. For children of all ages, speech therapy is known as pediatric speech therapy. Therapists are specially trained to deal with children while assessing and treating children with speech impairment issues. Speech therapy sessions are developed to provide special attention to every child that is custom-designed

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